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“I've done a number of training/coaching sessions over the years, I think the magic of CYB is in its concision and usability. 

It's a lot of great material packed neatly into a defined, relatively short period.  But, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

It feels neat, comprehensible and practical....”

" I loved the process used to gradually work towards clarity on key themes and then break those themes down into doable goals."

“...thank you from the bottom of my heart... I’m back in jiujitsu, started with a new organization doing work I really care about…

...and I've started a practice of writing in my journal again, which I haven't done since I was 23. “

“Little did I know that CrushYourBLOCK would help give me the guts to try a 3rd act and reinvent my career path.


I pivoted my life last fall and am absolutely loving it. ”