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PRIVATE time and space to:

  • SHIFT energy to identify, unblock and address outdated attitudes and behaviors

  • CREATE clear achievable milestones to holistically manage career and life

  • GAIN insights into personal blocks to improve short and long term success

  • BALANCE personal and professional commitments more effectively

  • UNLEASH potential with an action oriented plan and tools to inform decision making


We never have enough time. This method was designed to quickly get you a refreshed and focused view of where you are - emotionally and mentally. With actionable insights:

  • top priorities identified

  • an empowering process to make decisions

  • a fresh new way to find and crush emotional and mental blocks

so you can move with more confidence and less anxiety.

Looking for 1:1 support?

If you are looking for deeper career coaching or want to go deeply into a specific area of your life, our Navigators can help you maximize your potential.


The CrushYourBLOCK methodology complements

corporate development or professional organization initiatives by empowering individuals and teams with tools and techniques to  clear mental and emotional blocks slowing action.